Myrtle Beach Hurricanes – What you need to know


As a Real Estate Broker in Myrtle Beach I often hear clients from out of the area say “I don’t want to buy a house on that side of the highway because of Hurricanes” OR “ I want a house further inland because I am afraid of storms”

The Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina is situated along the coast-line … so naturally the area is affected by hurricanes. However, this area is historically much less vulnerable to hurricanes than any of its neighbors.

Just a quick example: As of pre-hurricane season 2016 our neighbor to the North (NC) had been hit by a healthy 48 hurricanes. Of those hurricanes: One was a category 4, eleven of the 48 were category 3 storms, and the remaining were category 2 or below. When you review the actual numbers.. they make NC look like Hurricane Alley when compared to South Carolina… and don’t even get me started on the numbers in Florida! In fact, SC has only been hit by 31 Hurricanes according to historical records AND HAS NEVER SEEN A CAT 5 STORM (Except, of course, on the Weather Channel while relaxing on the couch)

Moving to Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, or Pawleys Island? Here are some answers to commonly asked questions :

Hurricanes in Myrtle Beach
Hurricanes in Myrtle Beach

How many times is Myrtle Beach going to be hit by a hurricane?
The answer to this question is simple. We get a few ‘rain storms’ and a few ‘breezy nights’ but very rarely do we see a hurricane that does more than knock down a few limbs. The Historical Weather Data indicates that the entire Eastern Seaboard will most likely witness a total of twelve storms with sustained winds of less than 40 mph annually. The data gets a little scarier though. On average, three major hurricanes with sustained winds over 110 MPH are predicted to make landfall every year. Before you get too worried.. take note that most of these type hurricanes don’t even make landfall in the United States.

Is there a season for Hurricanes?
Yes, there is and unfortunately it’s not as fun as football or baseball season. To be technical there are two seasons. No, not the pre-season and post-season. There is a season for the Pacific and another for the Atlantic. The Atlantic Hurricane Season extends from June 1st all the way through November 30th. However, most of the hurricanes you hear about will be between August 1st and November 1st.

A hurricane View from Space
Myrtle Beach Hurricane

If my family or friends want to come visit me in Myrtle Beach during ‘The Season’ what should I tell them to prepare for?
 Well generally… you should tell them to prepare to have a great time. The second thing you should tell them (which is equally important) is to visit to start searching for their new home at the beach. In all seriousness though, statistically, there is an almost 0% risk that a major storm will impact your friend’s visit.

How do I know when to evacuate?
Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas all have planned evacuation routes in the rare event a major storm occurs. The evacuation plans will be publicized through major news stations such as WPDE

Myrtle Beach Hurricane Evacuation Plan
Hurricane Evacuation Plan in Myrtle Beach

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