Pines of Saint James Real Estate Murrells Inlet

Pines of Saint James is a community located off of Highway 707 in the highly sought Murrells Inlet Area. Many people are drawn to this community for it’s amazing location, affordable prices, and popular school district. Homes for Sale in Pines of St James typically range in price from $130,000 to $150,000 , but prices will vary higher or lower depending on the marketability and condition of the house.

The Pines of Saint James was originally developed in the late 1990s, but most of the homes were built in the early 2000s with some houses being finished as late as 2008.


Houses for Sale in this neighborhood range in square footage from smaller 1,100 square feet to larger plans offering 1,800 square feet of living space plus a full 2 car garage.


Below is a list of Pines of Saint James Real Estate SOLD within the last 12 months that will come in handy if you are interested in buying or selling a Murrells Inlet home in the near future.

SOLD              8014 Cone Court                     $83,000           3BR/2BA
SOLD              1268 Pollen Loop                     $104,000        4BR/2BA
SOLD              1105 Tap Root Ct                    $111,000         3BR/2BA
SOLD                8023 CONE COURT               $115,000         3BR/2BA
SOLD                1283 Pollen Loop                    $123,400       3BR/2BA
SOLD               8087 Bark Court                       $133,450        3BR/2BA
SOLD                1015 Autumn Drive                $135,000         4BR/2BA
SOLD               1264 Pollen Loop                     $135,000         3BR/2BA
SOLD                1165 Pollen Loop                    $137,000       3BR/2BA
SOLD               1233 Pollen Loop                   $138,000         4BR/2BA
SOLD                 8056 Resin Rd.                      $139,500       3BR/2BA
SOLD                  8037 Long Needle Ct            $139,998        4BR/2BA
SOLD                8043 Long Needle Court       $142,900         3BR/2BA
SOLD                5001 Blue Spruce Lane         $143,000         4BR/2BA
SOLD                9839 Conifer Lane                  $145,000        3BR/2BA
SOLD                5032 Blue Spruce Lane         $145,000         4BR/2BA
SOLD                9884 Conifer Lane                  $146,500       4BR/2BA
SOLD                1003 White Cedar Lane        $148,000         4BR/2BA
SOLD                7965 Spruce Ln                       $150,000       3BR/2BA
SOLD                8030 Long needle court        $153,000         3BR/2BA
SOLD                9864 Conifer Lane                  $154,900        5BR/2BA

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